AI Assistant for processing document

Diverse dissection library

VNPT Smart Reader provides a variety of types of documents that have been configured, extracted information fields and trained with big data sources. The types of documents in the library are ready to meet a variety of fields such as: Administration, Finance - Banking, Insurance, Education, Law,...

Text digitization

Applying OCR technology, VNPT Smart Reader products allow users to digitize documents and documents with an accuracy of up to 99.9%. Especially OCR can be with texts with tables, multi-page texts, texts with patterned backgrounds,...

Extract text information

Applying NLP technology, the product allows users to actively configure extracted information fields on the OCR Platform. After configuring the information fields, users can convert as APIs to easily integrate with customer products and services.

Check the accuracy and warning of information fields

The extracted information fields are returned with accuracy and warnings so that users can easily check the accuracy of the returned information.

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