Digitize old documents and records in the database.
Digitize administrative procedure records arising at ministries, departments and units receiving requests.
Digitize documents/records of documents, resolutions, directives ... serving for storage, search and exploitation in units (provinces, committees, provinces and cities,...).
Dissection of information of administrative documents (Official Letters, Decisions, Decrees, Circulars,...).
Classification of documents such as dispatches, decisions, administrative procedures, red books,.... to serve as a premise to perform OCR or Document Information Extraction steps.
Finance - Bank -
Dissect documents, collect and store data of front-end documents (such as card opening, account opening, payment...).
Disassemble, classify, store and exploit data of back-end system papers, integrated into the bank's software.
Dissecting information of identity documents, business registration certificates,... Integrated with information check, fraud check operations to authenticate individual customers, corporate customers to help register banking, insurance, securities transaction accounts,..
Dissect international payment documents such as Sale invoice, VAT invoice, Sale contract, L/C ,... Get information results combined with RPA flows that automate the process for executing international payment transaction orders.
Dissection of results on exams
Dissect information of application forms such as entrance application, confirmation form,...
Dissection of information of administrative documents such as Decisions, Official Letters,...
Dissecting transcript information
Digitize electronic lectures, documents, learning materials
Extract information of the visitor on identity documents such as ID card, medical examination book... to expedite the process of registering information and classifying patients
Digitize electronic medical records
Digitize drug circulation papers and procedures
Information technology/ICT
OCR documents with high accuracy, especially with Vietnamese words, fast extraction speed to use as a premise to build a digitization layer Text dissection
Extract information in VAT invoices, sales invoices, warehouse receipts, get information results automatically check information, authenticate electronic invoices
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